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Alice Robb: Why We Dream

In the summer of 2011, science writer Alice Robb discovered a book called Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, which promised readers that they could control the plots of their dreams.

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Eleanor Heartney: Postmodern Heretics

Eleanor Heartney is well known as a curator and critic, a long-time contributing editor of Art in America and the author of numerous books, including Art & Today, Postmodernism, and After the Revolution: Women Who Transformed Contemporary Art…

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Liliana Bloch: Texas Strong

Gallerist Liliana Bloch has had one of the more unusual routes for an art dealer. In 1999, she fled war-torn El Salvador to forge a new life for herself in Dallas, TX…

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David S. Rubin

Salvador Dalí is perhaps best known for his Surrealist landscapes of melting clocks, his Venus de Milo fitted with drawers, or his spectacular six-foot-tall vision of the Crucifixion…

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Barbra Drizin: Social Media for Artists

“Social media is a game we all have to play,” says Barbra Drizin, a veteran of Silicon Valley and the founder of Start from Scratch Social Media, a consulting service for artists, writers, and entrepreneurs…

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Michael David: A Life in Encaustic

Michael David has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a painter and is one of the pioneers in encaustic techniques, which he describes in detail in his interview with Vasari21 Radio…

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