Dear Artists and Other Supporters:

As many of you know, I was all set to abandon additional editorial input (podcasts, profiles, reports, etc.) for Vasari21 as of around May of this year. But after a few months of tilting at other windmills, I’ve decided it’s too valuable a contribution to the pungent stew of arts journalism, both online and off, to allow it to slide quietly into oblivion. As I like to boast, this is a site for the 98 percent of the art world—artists, dealers, collectors, and other interested parties—that goes ignored by the mainstream press. And I love my audience.

If you will simply hang around the homepage for a few moments (scroll down to view archived posts), you’ll see the huge range of topics I cover: advice and information you’ll find nowhere else; reports on topics you’ll never see in other art magazines (motherhood, anyone?); profiles of dedicated artists who deserve wider recognition; podcasts with artists, dealers, writers, and curators; book and movie reviews; drawings round-ups; descriptions of residencies with input from those who have actually visited; and whatever else my fevered brain can cook up that might be of interest to the Vasari21 audience.

And then there’s the fortnightly newsletter containing updates on the site’s content and news from members. This is the bulletin that will keep you up to speed on where supporters are showing (and you might get some ideas for venues for your own work), what awards and accolades they’ve won; and links of interest to the Vasari21 audience.

Yet I think sometimes my greatest value is in responding to individual dilemmas: warning an artist away from certain dealers, offering references for fellowships, connecting artists when they travel or just connecting artists because they may find things in common. This is the fun part of the job, and I’m always at your service.

But of course, it takes money to keep it going. Basic annual membership is $25, which entitles you to eligibility for Pics of the Day (or Week) on social media and inclusion in the newsletter when you have news to report. If you can afford it, though, I hope you’ll consider donating more. I operate much like PBS or NPR, available to all but dependent on your support to keep the wheels churning. All it takes is a few moments to donate here by PayPal or credit card. Or if you prefer to pay by check, just click “offline donation” for our mailing address.

Many thanks,

Editor and Founder,