Barbra Drizin

Social Media for Artists

Barbara Drizin and Barbara Rachko (right) in Barbara's New York studio.

Barbra Drizin and Barbara Rachko (right) in Barbara’s New York studio.

“Social media is a game we all have to play,” says Barbra Drizin, a veteran of Silicon Valley and the founder of Start from Scratch Social Media, a consulting service for artists, writers, and entrepreneurs. We may think we know our way around Facebook and Instagram, but Drizin is an expert at maximizing posts to draw in the largest audience possible. In a one-hour session with her, I learned a staggering amount about revamping my Facebook pages, including how newsfeeds work, writing posts for maximum engagement, and how to get rid of useless links. It may be too soon to tell the results, but she has worked closely with artist Barbara Rachko for a few years now, and Barbara can report at least one sale, more subscribers to her blog posts, and more press because of Drizin’s help.

In our interview, Drizin talks about how to build up one platform at a time, make the most of hashtags and FB “insights,” create custom audiences, and forge a more personal connection with your followers. “You’re CEO of a company,” she says, “and your product happens to be art.” For Vasari21 readers, she’s offering an hour-long introduction, including a social media “template, at $129 ($30 off her usual fee).

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