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Liliana Bloch: Texas Strong

Gallerist Liliana Bloch has had one of the more unusual routes for an art dealer. In 1999, she fled war-torn El Salvador to forge a new life for herself in Dallas, TX…

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Ellen Harvey

For nearly 20 years, Ellen Harvey has been creating installations, site-specific projects, and works in many different mediums that gently spoof…

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Peter Plagens

Self-described curmudgeon and esteemed critic Peter Plagens talks to us about his 50-year career as both an artist and writer.

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Deborah Brown

After earning an undergraduate degree from Yale, painter Deborah Brown moved to New York to launch her career. Her wildly expressionist works have taken her from depictions of scrap heaps in Brooklyn to a form of comic portraiture…

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Paul O’Connor

When photographer Paul O’Connor moved to Taos, NM, in the late 1980s, he set himself the task of photographing the last of the group known as the Taos Moderns, and then moved on to the wave of contemporary artists…

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Mona Kuhn

After decades of fine-art photography that celebrates the extremes of humankind—think of Nan Goldin, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Diane Arbus—Los Angeles-based artist Mona Kuhn turns her lens on the nude as a source of…

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René Barilleaux

Our slide show this week is of sculptures and paintings by Joan Miró from the show “Miró: The Experience of Seeing” at the McNay Art Museum through January 10. 2016…

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M’Liz Keefe

M’Liz Keefe pursues the time-honored tradition of land- and seascape painting on Fogo Island, a tiny fishing community off the coast of Labrador and Newfoundland. For most…

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